24th March 2011

Dear Partners of Mission to the Unreached

Greetings in Jesus Name!

I was in Bihar last week visiting some of the mission fields with Rev. E A Abraham, who is a pioneer missionary working in Bihar for the past twenty five years. Despite struggles the Lord has honored him and steadfast faithful. I had an opportunity to teach the students of the Bible school and preach in their churches.

My observation of Bihar was very different from what I had heard. The Lord is opening the heart of many people. And the place needs pastors and missionaries as it is ready for harvest. I visited several villages and cities where there were no proper schools.

My heart is burdened for the poor people who are not even able to take care of their own children and I am praying that, we as Mission to the Unreached, should start some missionary work and a school for the poor children.

As of now we are not in any position to start a new mission station or a school. But nothing is impossible with God and He’s our only hope and guide. I am sure that with your partnership and prayer we will be able to teach and reach to many people of this particular state. There was a time when many missionaries were killed and Bihar was known as a graveyard but now the land is open for the Gospel.

At least at this stage if we start a small school in one or two villages with small financial commitment, we could save some souls and also the educating children.

By the grace of God the already laid mission work in other states and in Delhi is functioning properly with reasonable results. Every local church has its own pastors and the church congregation is able to help their pastors partially. Our schools and the slum schools are coming up very well. The Bible College and its functions are in progress too.

Let us attempt great things for our master when the time is ripe. Please pray and send your valuable suggestions for my vision for Bihar. We expect your prayers and supports.

Hope that you are doing well. Please do not hesitate to pray for us.

May the Lord bless you.
Varghese Thomas.
0091-9811105537, mtuthomas@yahoo.com, mtuthomas@gmail.com