We share the joy and the gracious work of the Lord Jesus in our Mission and our lives. We began with some hesitation facing all kinds of pressure. However, the Lord was faithful in showing us a way out and it is always a joy to know that He is guiding and in complete control. Even though MTU mission fields did not have favorable conditions, our Lord God was good to us and has enabled us to be faithful in His vineyard. God has helped us greatly in our Ministries like Church Planting, Evangelism, Orphanage, Bible Colleges, Child Development Centre for poor girls and boys, Missionary Training Centre, literacy program, school for unschooled children, Tailoring classes, Health awareness, feeding the hungry, and Medical Camp.

We want to thank and our grateful to each one of you who has prayed and supported us in the Mission work. Your prayers have always been an encouragement. We pray for you and your well being as well.


Many individuals have received Jesus after attending our public meetings. Due to shortage of local missionaries it was very difficult to follow up, yet we have focused on the following villages:-

Sector 122, NOIDA( Ghari Chowkandi). We have started a non formal school for the children who come from poor families’ .We have taken the land on lease. The Lord has also enabled us to have a church in this area. Today we have a strong church congregation in this place.

Jhajarsi Village, NOIDA:- We have started a house church with two families who have become new believers. There are More than 50 children who come to study in the same house.

Vijaya Nagar. Ghaziabad. A fast growing church among the locals of that area shepherded by Pastor Arun Sonar and his family. Signs and wonders often take place in this small congregation. Sister S. Singh who was affected with several sicknesses and demon attacks got delivered from the bondage, she has now become the source of blessing for many. As of now 55 of them have been baptized in this new church and are regular members. Also many of the youth from this church have taken 15 days of Shekina training and have become actively involved in evangelism. Though many ladies face opposition from their family, they continue in this fellowship.


During the month of April, May and June MTU has been doing ministry among the slum children by conducting Vacation Bible School classes. During the VBS we have taught the children songs, games, Bible stories and painting. There were 103 young girls and boys who accepted Christ as their personal savior during the VBS.

Pastors and leaders seminar (to encourage ministers to evangelism during the Christmas season)

We conducted several seminars for the Pastors and leaders in different parts of North India. The aims of these seminars were to encourage Pastors and leaders in evangelizing during the Christmas season. We had these seminars across the border of Pakistan and Punjab, in Jalandhar and Haryana. After the seminars, evening house meetings were conducted, many came to the Lord and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit was powerful.

In Haryana we had three similar seminars. During which we introduced the book titled “Ministry below Surface” which is a good tool for the Pastors to minister among the people who have deep wounds and struggles in their life.


PASTOR Gurubar Sagar in Orissa (who was saved and trained at ETIS Delhi) even as he goes through many struggles, is being used by God mightily to bring out people from their sinful life. We have already started a construction for a Church in that area. With the money available right now this task is difficult. The people living in this village are very poor and need a prayer hall to be built at the earliest. Please pray for this hard working pastor and an early completion of the Church.

LEPROSY COLONY WORK :- MTU Ministry is having a fellowship in the Leprosy colony of east Delhi, by the grace of God every Friday we have a good gathering for prayer.

EASTERN THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE AND SEMINARY 2011- 12:– “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a College education” By Theodore Roosevelt.

No work can possibly confer a greater benefit upon mankind than the training of ministers whom God has chosen, for around them spring up churches, schools, and all the agencies of religion and philanthropy. As we are commanded to pray for labourers in the Lord’s harvest, so are we bound to prove the honesty of our prayers by our actions.

Academic year started on: 01.07.2010 and No of students: 57
Number of students at present: 37
Number of Hindi medium students : 13
Number of English medium(1st year ) students : 10

Number of English medium (2nd ,3rd year) students: 14.

ETIS offers courses of C.Th, Dip.Th, B.Th, M.div, and M.Th. and D.Min.

ETIS has also started offering the M.Th. Course (Religion and Philosophy, M.Th. in Christian Ministry) in association with Acts Institute, Bangalore.

Orientation classes – 27 June

Regular classes – 11th July.

Pastors and leaders Seminar – 18-20 of August.

ETIS 15th Graduation – 21st august

Venue: B 106, New Ashok Nagar, Delhi

Christmas Evangelism, practical work: 23rd to 8th January 2012

Shekina Training: – Since the last two years every month for 15 days “Shekina” training is given to several people. For each training 15 to 25 candidates were accepted. The participants who attended the training and accepted Christ and have become believers have taken water Baptism after the course. Special subjects were conducted like Plan of God, Bible survey, 2nd coming of Christ and the Christ centered ministry (Ministry below Surface). People who were possessed with demons were delivered and they were filled with the Holy spirit