Our centers strives to lift children out of poverty by providing a nurturing environment and motivating them toward education. More than 400 children are enrolled in the programme. Child development centre has a holistic fourfold development approach focusing on the social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development of the children. By making frequent visits CDC ensures that the development of the children does not end at the centre, but continues even at their home. Children involved in CDC are proven to have increased confidence and gained a positive outlook in life. Through the development of the child, the parents and community are also motivated toward development.


  • Tailoring class – Tailoring training given to parents so that they can earn some income.
  • Soft toys making training – It is also an income generation program
  • Beautician course – Beautician course conducted for children and women of the community.
  • Computer Education – We conducted computer education for children to develop their skill and making them able.
  • Art and craft training – Art and craft training given to children to develop their skills.
  • Children bank – Children bank started for children so that they can save small amounts in the bank.
  • Income generation program – Income generation program planned for the parents of those children
    who come to the Centre; through this program they can earn a small income.
  • Fabric Painting training – Fabric painting training given to the children.
  • Leadership Training – To make them a self confident person.