Future programmes


To develop the skills and talents of the people those who no source of income, by providing them with vocational training and job opportunities through various self-support program

School for Deaf & Physically Challenged children: The Society is in the process to organize activities for the benefit of physically, mentally, socially or otherwise disabled people in the community and also to work for the welfare of the needy, by setting up school for the handicapped.

INTEGRATED RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Working solely in urban slums is only cutting the branch of the tree of poverty and not addressing the roots. 70% of the Indian population is located in villages. Self help groups have also been formed which keep villagers active in development matters and link them directly with the other organizations.

COMMUNITY HEALTH: Quality health is often out of reach for the poor because of their economic challenges. Therefore, the community Health centre addresses the health needs of the poor. To provide health education, as well as preventative, curative, and promotive health care

A RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL: In this busy world there are many parents who are struggling and do not find enough time to attend the area of education and to attend their children after school time. The Society plans to open a Residential School for children of such parents with a view to impart best education and skills to the children by providing homely and congenial residential and schooling facilities to them.

Old Age Home: Among many human achievements of 20th century “longevity of life” is one, which is contribution of modern medical science this resulted in accelerated growth of senior citizens.

To organize the retired people and make them independent, among the same age group. To find safety, security, food and freedom from loneliness and provide health care as per the wishes of the individual.

To establish senior citizen homes for elders who are seeking social interaction, secure living to persuade their interests and yet remain free from all social pressures

To maintain physical, psychological, spiritual aspects of each individual member

To provide well furnished accommodation and comfortable living facilities